The Savoia hotel presents its history, telling you where the tradition that has been handed down for 3 generations comes from.

The knowledge of your needs has become a guarantee for us.

  • 1890

    La locanda

    The first historical hints come from 1890 when the current Savoia hotel was a simple inn, a point of reference for passers-by in a buggy heading to the market and for the citizens of the town.

    Here they could stop, find refreshment and drink a good glass of wine drawn directly from the ancient oak barrels.

  • 1920/30


    In the 1920s / 1930s some first changes were made, which transformed the hostel into a hotel at the time called “Leon d’oro”.

    It was in this period that it took the name of “Hotel Savoia” and a new look was given to the structure according to the fashion of the time.

    leon d'oro


  • 1940/50


    Between the 40s and 50s, in the period following the end of the war, the hotel was renovated to ensure new security and a reference point for travelers.
  • 1980


    In the 1980s, important changes took place, the structure was demolished to be reborn with a new style that made it a real hotel.


  • 2015


    The Hotel Savoia is renewed again, adopting a new structure that guarantees comfort, elegance and tradition.